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10 Oct 13

Why Worthing needs its own Pregnancy , Birth & Baby Show!

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Written by Naomi Hits: 2000

Naomi and family worthing baby show

Why Worthing needs its own Pregnancy , Birth & Baby Show!

Over the past five years I’ve been madly trying to balance raising three lively children whilst also running my own little business helping pregnant couples to have a more positive labour, birth and start to their parenting adventures.

I adore bringing up my family here with the stunning outside opportunities our location offers us with long beach days and picnics up the South Downs but at times I just find myself face palming at how primitive we can be.  Just a beach pebble’s throw away from the alternative epi-centre of the UK but in Worthing sometimes time seems to stand still.

Whenever my crazy mob of children allow me too, I’m constantly racking my brain of how I can get in touch with all the pregnant and new parents that must live practically on my doorstep (with out chasing them down the street, stalker styley) to share all the secrets I’ve been uncovering about being pregnant in Worthing over the past half a decade, because once you start looking under those rocks…. Worthing actually does have a hidden culture full of amazing recourses.

Fed up with thinking…… if only……. I made the snap decision to organise my own event, alongside my dynamic biz partner Claire of and so “ta da” We are very pleased to announce … Worthing’s very own Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Show! (NOV 23RD – 10am – 1pm – Charmendean Centre)

I’ve got out my little black book (it’s actually sky blue my fav colour – but I’m sure you don’t care about that) and am sharing all my contacts that I’ve unearthed over the past few years.  I’ve uncovered some very wise and wonderful people doing amazing work and providing great services making pregnancy and parenting more informed, personal & positive.

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to a great range of amazing practitioners who can help you de-stress, relax and prepare for parenting.  Plus a whole host of new baby loveliness with cool baby classes and beautiful handmade items.  We’ve got amazing ladies sharing information from “what to pack in your hospital bag”, “water birthing”, “top tips for a more positive birth” through to learning about your baby’s pressure points on its feet that can help with sleeping & colic, the benefits of Babywearing (no you won’t make them too clingy!), baby massage techniques through to local experts of how to help you shift that mummy tummy should you be inclined.  We have an awesome range of lovingly made unique baby wear – everything from nursery artwork through to dribble bibs, and some creative ways to capture your precious moments with bump casting,  bump painting & impressions of your baby’s little feet and hands.  And oodles and oodles more essential insight & info from local experts that is coming on board daily.

It’s time to celebrate being a parent in Worthing.  It’s an awesome place for families to flourish so let’s embrace what we have available on our door step and spend our money locally and help make it an even better place to live as our babies grow into children. Yay!

Now all I need is lots of people through the doors so we can do our best to make this a regular event…… Your help in sharing our new show is much appreciated.  Tell your friends….. 1. It’s Free! 2. There’s FREE parking. 3. 25 FREE goody bags 4. There’s FREE expert talks 5. There’s FREE Prize draws 6. And YUMMY cake (that’s not FREE as we are raising funds for Chestnut Tree House) and well as all I’ve mentioned above.

Check in over at

We are super excited to see you there!

Big massive love

From Naomi & Claire

Founders of

08 Nov 12

Another moving Hypnobirthing story telling night

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Written by Naomi Hits: 2467

Last Monday a group of expectant Hypnobirthing mummies (and Jay! - Huge respect to Jay for being the one man in the room again!) gathered round my place for an evening of sharing wonderfully uplifting and positive HypnoBirthing stories.

Four gorgeous HypnoBirthing mothers graced us with their presence, experience and useful Hypnobirthing advice. We were all very grateful to them for finding the time to share their magical moments with us.  They did all admit that they were very keen to relive their special labours and births while helping to inspire a room full of pregnant ladies as they remembered clearly how nervous and unsure they all felt before their Hypnobirthing adventures began.

Renee shared the joy of her long but empowering homebirth proving that a lengthy birth does not always equal a negative experience.  Hypnobirthing helped Renee and Steve remain calm throughout their two day adventure achieving their dream home birth with the power of patience and confidence in nature.

Louise told us all about her two Hypnobirthing labours and three births - yes she had HypnoBirthing twins! Her 1st Hypnobaby was born drug free using HypnoBirthing despite being induced demonstrating that being induced does not mean that you have to throw away everything that you learn from HypnoBirthing.  Her second HypnoBirth for her twins was a moving story as she described how she slept between surges before breathing her two babies down in a very short space of time - her consultant couldn't believe it!

Selina remembered her unplanned home birth experience that concluded with her daughter being born in the bath - with water in (despite being told to empty it as she remembered another HypnoBirthing mummy, Tegan, telling her story about giving birth in the bath) Selina birth was very quick and easy, so much so, that it felt totally surreal for her to be tucked up in bed only 6 hours after her 1st surge.

Bronte also shared with us her powerful birthing experiences - one non-hypno birth and then a subsequent Hypnobirth.  Bronte's dramatic birth experience taught the importance of trusting one's instinct and staying calm however your birth plays out for you and that with proper preparation and mindset you can have a positive experience even when special circumstances arise.  Bronte truly believes that Hypnobirthing saved her baby's life.

It was a incredibly moving and inspirational evening.  All the expectant Hypnomummies raved about how useful hearing the stories "live" had been.  These story telling nights are my favourites to organise as to me they capture everything that Hypnobirthing is about.... Helping real women relate to other similar ladies who've had hugely positive birth experiences and once mummies change theirs minds about how they will give birth and trust themselves and their bodies they are 99% there!  Hearing great birth stories is the best affirmation possible..... Women can visualise themselves having the same experience.

My next Hypnobirthing story night will be Monday 14th January where I hope that lots of the mummies with bumps will be the ones sharing their brilliant stories to a room full of new expectant Hypnobirthing mummies.

The evening was literally overspilling with super positive vibes and energy that we thought that one Hypnomummy had gone into labour! It was just a practise run however and baby arrived later in the week!

Which brings me round to the very important task of catching up with the abundance of Hypnobirthing birth announcements and congratulations that I need to share!

P1090182 517x640


17 Oct 12

BabyCalm Sussex raised £450+ for PANDAS (Pre & Post Natal depression advice & support helpline)

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Written by Naomi Hits: 2667

On Thursday the 4th of October 2012 I spent a very busy morning hosting a HUGE charity coffee morning & raffle in Worthing to raise much needed funds for the very worthy charity - PANDAS (pre and post natal depression advice & support helpline 0843 28 98 401

I poured my heart & soul into organising the event and raising as much cash as possible as the cause is one so close to so many women and their families.  I was very shocked at the huge number of women who opened their hearts up to me about their challenging times in pregnancy & early parenting..... These brave and amazing mothers had suffered in relative silence believing themselves to be alone in their feelings.  It was lovely to hear many of them at the event saying how wonderful it was to meet other women who they could openly and safely share their true feelings with and I felt incredibly moved that I'd been able to help them find that space and time.  I will continue to provide a non-judgemental, safe & intimate place for new mothers to talk via my BabyCalm post natal (Mother & Baby) classes across Sussex.

For anyone who'd like to continue to talk through their experience & meet other families locally please also speak to my HypnoBirthing collegue HypnoMum - Claire Cornthwaite who is based in Hove and will be hosting monthly free PANDAS support groups.

The event was so well attended that I quickly realised the room was not quite big enough so lesson learnt and next time (yes, I am planning another event in the new year!) I will ensure that space is plentiful!

Local businesses were so kind and amazingly donated raffle prizes worth £1200 - There were over 40 prizes on the day - I am still gobsmacked at the generoustity! Please see the list and websites of the kind hearted local companies that supported the event at the bottom of the page.  If you contact them at anytime please mention BabyCalm Sussex!

The morning was an incredible success and a clear demonstration of what local communities of new parents can do as a team.  I would like to very publicly thank some special people who were extremely kind with their time especially Hayley & Lara who I dropped in the deep end manning the cafe! The most glam cake servers ever! Also Massive thanks to Silverson Therapies, Melanie's Therapies, Activ 8 and Rachel Coopers Photography (check out her amazing pics on my BabyCalm Sussex Facebook Page) for their lovely tasters sessions and The Bra Lady/Mummy Looks Fab, Amy from Phoenix gifts and Linda Flack of Neals Yard for their stalls.  The cakes rocked too so a huge note of gratitude to Roundstone Farm Shop Coffee Room, Julia's Kitchen Findon, Dannikas Cakes, Mr B the Baker..... You are all the kindest Bakers in town - And not forgetting Belle's amazing Macaroons!

Prizes were very kindly donated by the following amazing companies - I wish you all huge sucsess in return for your fantastic support

BabyCalm goody bag (Worth £50)

ParentSkool Antenatal Classes (Worth £95)

BabyCalm Sussex mother & baby class voucher (Worth £50)

ToddlerCalm Sussex Voucher (Worth £50)

HypnoBirth Worthing Voucher (Worth £50)

Sunflower Mama – Mother & Baby Yoga & Massage voucher (Worth £42)

Melanies therapies – Massage plus £10 voucher

Silverson Therapies – Reflexology and aromatherapy

Samantha Milne Massage – Massage voucher

Mathemagical – ½ term of classes voucher

BuggyFit – 5 classes voucher

Birth, Baby & You – 5 Antenatal Yoga classes

Cuddle Monster Crafts – Handmade fleece baby blanket

Effective thoughts – 1 hour personal coaching session

Mummy Looks Fab - £25 voucher

Pheonix Gifts – Amy Bower

Sherrie Price – Temple Spa Pack

Raring2go – Sanctuary goodies

Families Sussex Coast Magazine – An 1/8 page Ad

Caterpillar Music – Free sessions

Nestle Coffee Machine & Coffee – Worth £110

CuddleMonster Crafts – Handmade beautiful blanket

Julie Ingham Art - A piece of stunning artwork

Dinki Dance event – A family ticket

Caterpillar Music – 5 sessions

Thomas a becket pub – Meal for 2

Montagues Tex Mex – Voucher

BabyLove – Graco Playmat

Emma Avon

Tin of heros

Little Impressions £30 gift voucher

Flawless Makeover

Shoreham Chiropractic Clinic





25 Sep 12

Freedom for Birth in Worthing

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Written by Naomi Hits: 2261



On Friday the 21st of September I was lucky enough to host one of 1000 worldwide screenings of the eye opening documentary Freedom for Birth by the film makers One World Birth supported by my friends from Worthing Pregnancy Pages.

We were joined by a group of local women who are also passionate about birth choices and positive experiences for women around the world.  The film was shocking, educational and moved most of us to tears at point as we learnt about how women in other countries particularly Hungary & America were having their right to choose their place of birth denied.

HypnoBirth Naomi Freedom

The plight of the amazing Midwive Agnes Gereb was highlighted as this incredible lady who has helped over 3000 women in Hungary to have their babies at home despite it being against the Law.

The underlying message was that Fear is so prevalent in the birthing industry it's becoming a hazard to everyone involved from doctors & midwives through to birthing couples whose birthing experiences are being seriously jeopardised.

As a HypnoBirthing practitioner this strikes a real cord with me as I witness time and time again the huge amount of anxiety and negativity that expectant couples are programmed with through modern day society.   I take huge pride in watching HypnoBirthing couples work through their limiting thoughts and love hearing about their positive labour & birthing stories once they have completed their birth preparation using the powerful tools that the HypnoBirthing programme equips them with.

The film highlighted Marie Mongan, the founder of HypnoBirthing discussing the Fear-Tension-Pain response and other birthing experts from around the world including Michel Odent and Sarah Buckley agreed that now is the time to respond and make change and improvements to the maternity services local to us as well as the global issues that the documentary so powerfully demonstrated.

Arranging the screening of the film was easy but now the hard work starts in making a difference and making a stand.  There is so much we can do to help make birth better for women around the world.  Please join in with the Freedom for Birth Campaign.

I am very happy to arrange another viewing of the film - please get in contact with me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your interest.


You can also sign the petitions below to help women achieve the birth they deserve.;utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=12242164

Read what the Royal College of Midwives had to say about the films debut

You must join in this worldwide conversation over at;ref=notif&notif_t=wall#!/oneworldbirth

And see the website






30 Aug 12

BabyCalm comes to Sussex

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Written by Naomi Hits: 2544

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I am so proud and excited to be the first BabyCalm teacher here in Sussex.  I am really looking forward to expanding my HypnoBirthing practise to be able to offically help new parents in finding their inner parenting confidence and be able to soothe and understand their babies.  Happy parents = Happy babies!

For a long time now the HypnoBirthing couples that I worked with told me that they felt very prepared for their births but totally overwhelmed and without tools or techniques to guide them through early parenting.

I've had a real adventure in parenting with my 3 wee ones and have learnt an awful lot from them. Through trial and error I have finally learnt to trust my own mothering instincts and follow the same principles as I teach in HypnoBirthing.  Trust, Breathe and Relax.

For me BabyCalm is a very exciting way to help new parents by introducing them their baby's world either before or after it's arrival so that parents feel empowered to make good informed gentle parenting choices.

I will be offering antenatal courses for couples to arm themselves with skills to be able to care for their babies in the calmest ways or a 4 week course just for mums and babies which is safe, non judgemental discussion group for new mums to discuss the highs and lows of motherhood where we also cover off - understanding a babies needs, crying, sleeping, soothing, calming alongside some light touch therapy for baby's (very simple baby massage) and baby's development stages.  I will also be providing yummy cakes and refreshments so that mums are able to relax in my homely enviroment for a couple of hours each week.

Please call me or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07717 842448 or look at my teachers page here for more details - i'd love to talk with you! 




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