30 May 12

Loving my new Hypnobirthing "Refresh & Relax" nights

Written by Naomi Hits: 2257

On Monday night I held the second of my new "Relax and Refresh" Hypnobirthing nights. I decided to hold a free monthly get together for all my Hypnomummies as an opportunity to practise their deep relaxation skills and refresh their Hypnobirthing knowledge.
My reason for doing this is that I know from experience and feedback that once Hypnobirthing couples have completed their Hypnobirthing course as and go back out into "normal life" that the negative attitudes of our culture towards birthing can start to eat away at all the confidence building and hard work that the couples put in during their 4 weeks of sessions with me.
(Also I am super nosey and I want to hear how couples are getting on!)

It's quite normal for mum's to have a bit of wobble and doubts to creep back in during this time whilst waiting for your baby's much anticipated arrival so I figured a monthly top up of positive birthing attitude would help Hypnomummies stay on track and focussed.  I remind them to be mindful of the mind & body connection to help ensure that the P.B.A is playing out positive messages.

It's also a nice opportunity for everyone to ask questions, meet other like-minded
Hypnomummies expecting all at the same time and practise some Hypnobirthing
techniques that make up a positive relaxing toolbox for calm & comfortable

I also have been making sure that I have a Hypnobirthing Mummy to tell her story as it's so important that HypnoMummies can see and relate to a normal healthy mum having a normal healthy birth. There is nothing extraordinary about Hypnomummies except that they have taken the time to prepare for a positive birth.

It was also an opportunity to try out a new script called "river story" which all the mums loved, we watched another Hypnobirthing video and practised the 3 Hypnobirthing breathing techniques which for me are the fundamental basis of control and calm during birth.

So all in all a great success... I am really excited about June's Refresh & Relax night.  I'm looking forward to sharing lots more positive stories as lots of Hypnobirthing babies due in June.  Aaron has offered to host a Hypnodaddies night too (at the pub of course) as we don't want to leave the guys out and it's so vital that dads realise the importance this preparation time (over a pint or
two!) Having been my rock for all 3 of our births – His support was far superior for our 2 Hypnobirths. So, look out for the Hypnodaddies night out too next month!!! I might even see if some Hypnodaddies will come along to share their side of their Hypnobirthing experiences.

For anyone else interested in Hypnobirthing and wants to find out more for FREE come along to one of my FREE monthly taster sessions which I hold on the last Thursday of every month.  An opportunity to find out more about the theories and tools and that make Hypnobirths suchpositive experiences for mums, dads & babies.